The warrant of the County Masonic Lodge No. 381 was first issued on 8th September 1762 to James Campbell, William McCullough and Duncan Campbell as Master and Wardens, to erect a Lodge of Freemasons in the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Foot. There is no further mention of the Lodge until 3rd December 1904, when the Warrant was again issued to William E. Williames of Lodge No. 88, Edwin Hughes of Lodge No. 7 and Richard A. Shekleton of Lodge No. 10, as Master and Wardens, to erect the present "County" Lodge at Holywood. The opening ceremony was performed in the presence of a large gathering of Masonic brethren by Right Wor. Bro. Sir James Creed Meredith, Deputy Grand Master of Ireland and other Grand Officers. In the course of the opening ceremony the Deputy Grand Master made a touching and eloquent reference to the late Bro. Thomas A. McCammon, who had done so much to further the interests of the Masonic Order and whose loss was still so keenly felt. After the ceremony the brethren were entertained at a banquet in the Town Hall.

On 12th January 1905 the McCammon Memorial Hall was opened and County Masonic Lodge No. 381 was constituted. The new hall which is situated in Sullivan Place was raised as a memorial to the late Provincial Deputy Grand Master of Down Right Wor. Bro. Thomas A. McCammon. The erection of the building was entrusted to Messrs. J.&R. Thompson under the superintendence of Bro. W. Godfrey Ferguson P.M. and the architect was Bro. Anthony Lucy, M.R.I.A.I.

The chairs of the Master and Wardens were specially made and presented by the following officers who were to occupy them for the first time.

Bro. W.E.Williames W.M.
Bro W.H. Phillips Jnr. P.M.
Bro Edwin Hughes S.W.


The Senior Deacons chair was kindly presented by Bro Adam Coates, P.M. of Lodge No. 254 and the Secretary's desk by V. Wor. Bro. James Hunter Barrett, P.G.L. Secretary.

A complete history of the warrant can be viewed in pdf format by clicking here.